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Ten years ago, soviet eurodance sensation THE LOVE DICTATORS have embarked on their journey. They walked a long and arduous road, always guided and protected by the red stars in the sky and in their hearts. There were nights where the vodka floweth like the mighty Moskva, joining with their community to bring their sermon of love and equality to stages small and large. They amassed a following that, while not large in size, is large in heart. They found new comrades that are willing to pursue the noble fight besides them—and in the strangest of places. Equipped with their signature sound — beats that cut like machine gun salvos, angelic vocals, razor-sharp raps and lyrics that that address either the struggle of the working class, or the lustful union of man and woman, or both—the quartet pays tribute to their Slavic roots. So watch out: They're here for love — and they don’t take »no« for an answer!