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Debut album HOLD YOUR FORKED TONGUE from electro art-pop activists Rich List has been a long time coming. It's appropriate therefore that the overarching theme of the album is the unstoppable march of time. Whether that's the slow decay of relationships, the accumulation of regrets, the loss of youth, life's many disappointments or the simple acknowledgement that time is the fire in which we all burn. The album is a bleak affair, proudly wallowing in gloriously uplifting misery. Musically it soars whilst lyrically it puts fires out with gasoline. Take, for example, the song 'Dumb Muscle'.

It sounds like glowering entrance music but lyrically it's a plea to persuade someone you're star-crossed-lovers; though they can clearly see that you're simply drunk and desperate! Or 'Life Seances' - which addresses the inevitable existential crisis that follows after you've resurrected lost feelings for someone you know is only superficially interested, and you've got yourself in a horrible mess again. Or 'Comfort Kills'. A story of self-sabotage when a past lover claims you ruin relationships to secure material for future songs. Which is nonsense, of course, but it did inspire this song. And on it goes. Perhaps debut single 'Esha Ness' sums it up best. "You're never really winning, but you've got to keep running"