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Born to a Jamaican musician and a Native American writer, A.yoni Jeffries began songwriting at the very young age of 3. Drawing from themes of family, love, lineage, and nature, her music is rich in soul and rooted in sincerity. When Yoni’s not churning out songs, she’s also a visual artist, project manager of an afro-indigenous farming collective, and festival curator. With her soulful, spiritual sound, A.yoni takes listeners on a journey through the depths of emotions. With her unconfined range, the afro-indigenous singer/songwriter spans multiple genres adding her own soulful twist. A.yoni uses her artistry to discuss her range of experiences as a woman of color, as well as define her spirituality. Drawing on her classically trained background, as well as jazz and reggae influences, A.yoni returns to music’s raw roots - creating emotionally provoking, spiritual song. She represents a safe haven for listeners to reflect on themselves in the most honest way.