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Safir Nou is a project of Antonio Firinu (composer) of instrumental music, influenced by different styles, from cinematic music to post-rock to Mediterranean music and jazz.

The sound and the melodies bring the listener to an ethereal and hypnotic dimension. The last Album “Groundless” has been produced in 2017 between Italy (Cagliari), Spain (Leon) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). In 2018 has been produced the single “Sensory Overload” and in 2019 was out the single "drifting effect". Safir Nou music had many important credits from national reviews and specialized international journals (Safir Nou review). The band is active in the Italian live scene: it has participated to many festivals (European Jazz Expo, Calagonone Jazz, Nora Jazz, Pavese festival), it collaborates with several musicians and directors (Iosonouncane, Neri Marcorè). Groundless 2017: Antonio Firinu: Compositions, Guitar, Accordion, Effects; Yaacob Gonzalez: violin; Matteo Maringiu: doublebass; Gianluca Pischedda: cello; Marco Caredda: vibraphon; Andrea Cogoni: Drums and percussioni; Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo: sound recording and sound design. Sensory Overload 2018 and Drifting Effect 2019: Antonio Firinu: composition, Guitar; Sergio Tofu: violin; Ivana Busu: accordion and piano; Andrea Lai: Doublebass; Andrea Cogoni: drums; Gianluca Pischedda: cello; NoizeLab: Sound recording and sound design.