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“Casting out her sultry timbers in a protruding fashion it’s easy to sway to the grooves of Alex Freeman‘s inimitable croons as she powerfully sends waves of amplification through your speakers. Grasping onto the visual component in a way that has us fully submerged in the chronicles before us.”

-Buzz media 
 The advocate turned singer-songwriter. Confessional and tender a velvety smooth orchestral pop artist. Stating influences like Say Grace, Ruel, Madison Beer, Olivia Rodrigo, Sam Cook, to Amy Whinehouse with Christina Aguilera pop power vocals all mixed with hip hop beats and heavy 808's. 
 "To me writing music is a mathematical equation that equals perfection. I have been writing songs since before I could actually write. I had beautiful notebooks with very specific scribble that I wrote in every day. I told everyone that those were my songs. 
 Well, not too much has changed since then. I still have beautiful notebooks with barely legible scribble that are my songs today!! " Alex Freeman