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Essence of Time is led by French DJ-Producer-Musician Michel Saurin. Formerly known as Time, he has released many tracks and remixes since 2015, including internationally acclaimed Not Alone

(almost 2M streams). 2020's lockdown situation gave a new dimension to its musical adventure, now defined as Essence of Time. Time is not just a routine value driving our lives for the best and the worst. It’s much more than something rhythmic, mechanic or mathematic. Mankind often forgets how much complex and meaningful time can be. When we dive into our minds, we can easily understand how essential time is. From dimensional cycles to our daily lives, the inevitable countdown takes the lead and makes us move ahead in a spectacular melting down of actions and reactions. When we face with our darkest moments, when our fears threat our own environment, then we have to find a peaceful state of mind, unlinked with casualty. Meditation and observation are natural issues for us to escape from fatality. These past months, I have myself made a deep introspection and I’ve always try to color my music with a timeless definition of spirituality. Frequencies and sound-designing can be as powerful as time flawlessly make humanity vibrate through a large spectrum of emotions. Time is not something simple, it’s meant to be essential. From now on, I’m willing to share the best of myself, wisely guided by a new invisible but incredibly strong energy.