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Currently releasing singles like Hiding Place in the build up to debut album "first love": a saccharine, downtempo, nostalgic dreampop ode to attachment written, recorded and mixed entirely at home between 2012 and 2021. I am a Yorkshire-bred, London-based multimedia artist, musician, and author using moving image, performance, music and the written word to live (and be) with greater presence, nuance and awe. More broadly, my creative endeavours help me to navigate being an overthinking, overloving, oversharing subject in our hyperconnected, oversaturated, dopamine-soaked now. I often share the fruits of my explorations in immediate, intimate forms with light & love. Whether my unsmiling eyes blinking through a smiley blush emoji, a sweet pop lament, or a life-imitates-art literary experiment, I seek to capture and retain a directness and urgency in the media I enlist to connect to the ‘Other’ on the other side of the work. Working across varied exhibition, screening, publication and performance contexts, recent highlights include: solo exhibition self help - Eston Arts Centre, and group exhibitions at Saatchi Gallery and Sheffield Doc Fest; screenings at CIRCA 2020 - Piccadilly Lights and London Short Film Festival and; debut novella overlove - Dostoyevsky Wannabe, also released as a feature length web series 2018-19. See my playlist for inspiration and influences and find more at and