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The Mary Dream is the Nashville Indie Dream Pop Duo of Singer/Songwriter Elise Bellew (also on Spotify as a solo artist) and Multi-Instrumentalist Blake Ryan Dayton. The Mary Dream are best known for their two full-length albums “Beautiful World” and “This Kind of Life”. Both albums were written, recorded and produced DIY by Elise Bellew and Blake Ryan Dayton in their home recording studio, and mixed by Grammy-winning Nashville producers Richie Biggs (Beautiful World) and Reid Shippen (This Kind of Life). Both albums were used extensively on TV, including MTV's Finding Carter, Teen Mom, The Real World, Road Rules, ABC's All My Children, CBC's Heartland, Party of Five, The Bad Girl's Club, and more... Discover The Mary Dream's music on their recently created Spotify Playlist called "Discover Elise Bellew and The Mary Dream". Be sure to also follow Elise Bellew here on Spotify as she is constantly writing new songs, so you will never be without new music from The Mary Dream!