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Ecuadorian Grooves is an emerging musical project leaded by Juan Fernando Cifuentes M. (Diablo Kiteño). Its main goal is to redefine and innovate Ecuadorian music by rescuing traditional rhythms and music styles fusing them with contemporary music genres, thereby creating new sounds that will attract young as well as future generations. The following musicians and artists collaborated on the project Ecuadorian Grooves: Juan Fernando Cifuentes M. (Quito, Ecuador) - Composer, producer, vocals, synths and programming Juan Posso (Quito, Ecuador) - Drums Juan Sebastián Laverde (Bogotá, Colombia) - Percussion Daniel Marín (Tenerife, Spain) - Marimba David Villarreal (Quito, Ecuador) - Electric Guitar Lili del Sol Atehortua (Cali, Colombia) - Vocals, VJ Invited Artists: Kristina Bijelic (Toronto, Canada) - Vocals David Ríos Muñoz (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - Acoustic Guitar Freddy Gonzalez (USA) - Trombone Emanuelle Contis (Italy) - Tenor Sax Timotej Kotnik (Slovenia) - Trumpet Recording Engineer: Robert Cooper (Menlo Park, USA)