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When Kyle Pfeiffer became Blacklite District nearly a decade ago, it was with the intent to create music that touched upon all of his influences, simultaneously becoming his source of inspiration and therapy. 
 At 20, Kyle contacted Stephen Short, known for working with acts like Queen, and recorded his demo with him. Blacklite District began touring and reached the Billboard charts with a Top 35 hit “With Me Now” in 2014. Despite struggling with addiction, he continued a hot streak of songs like “The Struggle” and “Living in a Nightmare” feat. R8eDR. In 2018, “Cold As Ice” went viral, with over 100 million streams, reaching Number 35 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart. Kyle tapped into the video game world, by creating visuals through Minecraft. His 2020 track “Falling” had cracked the Top 20 Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator. 
 His addiction became a cycle, while still becoming a force in music. He reached his boiling point when he almost died for the last time. He detoxed in treatment centers and at 30 years old is sober. “I wrote almost my whole album while I was in treatment,” he says of his new music. His upcoming release “Live Another Day” is autobiographical, followed by the deeply personal “To Live Is To Suffer.” His self-started label AK19 Entertainment is the hub, as his music continues along a diverse path of Rock meets Hip-Hop. “Music has saved my life many times,” he says in earnest.