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»Activate your appetite« with:   —MAR MALADE— Heat up your speakers like your grandmother would and open that can of marmalade she sent you for your birthday. That's right. It's been waiting for you for too long - hidden in that dark corner of your pantry. Today it's just you and it. Chocolate spreads can wait. Mhmmm, yesss.. this is what love tastes like! — We wrote and recorded our songs wherever we felt at home. In the kitchen, on a farm, or in an old children's room, where we found all sorts of dusty instruments - even "Flöten" - we would use to fool around with. We made noises with every part of our bodies and moved our mouthes in some weird but satisfying motions. And before we could even think about it, Mar Malade was there and really wants nothing else then to take everyone on a little trip to dream away. — Music to cook to, slightly dancing - maybe forgetting to cook or developing an unforeseen fascination for Kohlrabi. Music to drive to, maybe driving too far. Music to dance to, maybe dancing too weird. Music that makes you wanna “bastel“ (whateverthatmeans). Music that makes you travel - even from your window to the carpet.