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Music has always been in me. As a teenager I was already creating the remixes of the songs in my mind. I started doing remixes with songs that I love! Today I create my own music, I create the art of my work, I compose new rhythms, lyrics, vocals. Electronic pop inspiration. ------------------------------------- Thank you for the compliments, via The Akademia Music Awards : 'A glowing electronic concoction dressed with sizzling percussion and brisk synth progressions, 'Connection Experience' is ready for escalation to the big clubs.' Visit: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/31PbO3R6xPstVbcKcRr2YG/profile Listen to the award-winning song 'Connection Experience' now! Music: "Moonlight" (Let's Walk Remix)

on Playlist (Good Sound) Dynamic Radio in France http://www.dynamicradio.fr/ Music: "Connection Experience"