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The band is essentially a duo based in Sweden and founded in 2019. Kingfisher is composed of an extrovert Italian drummer (Nich) and an introvert Colombian vocalist and guitarist (Julian). The two, Julian and Nich, are committed to pursue their music career with the utmost respect for the environment. They openly manifest their love for the environment without engaging into radical practices of dogma or ideology. Julian and Nich are sensitive towards environmental issues, and they try to mostly rely on science and evidence to form their opinions. Dear listener, do you want to know the very beginnings of Kingfisher? here it is a magic tale for you: This life is a strange one. The world is often puzzling. The universe acquires meaning, then loses it. Events happen in no particular order. Clarity is craved by all, but many fall short. Most find it in ‘mundane’ acts. Going to work, coming home. Kissing a lover, clicking a mouse, scratching an itch. But mundanity can acquire singularity. Such as the singular event in the mundane schedule of an everyday grey March Wednesday. There I was, doing what I do best, hitting skin & wood boxes with wooden sticks to produce sound. As I do every Wednesday, to be clear. When, during the break between songs, I hear a *knock knock*. “Hey buddy, you’re a drummer? I want to write and perform music. Shall we meet next week, say, on a Wednesday?” “Yeah, I’m free then.” And the rest, as they say, was history.