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Summer Crowd Stereo is a sensitive songwriter, bearded poet and haunting singer. His songs aim for where it hurts the most beautifully: right for the heart. The Hamburg, Germany-based artist has been known for his skillful songwriting as well as for his intimate live performances. Stripped down to its very basics the music of Summer Crowd Stereo has always laid its focus purely on the song. With his 2016 album “Parallels and Meridians” Summer Crowd Stereo mastered the challenge of crafting compelling pop songs by using nothing but an acoustic guitar and his outstanding voice. Songs like “On the Road Again” or “Where the Sky Meets the Ocean” are powerful proof for this concept to work out. The 2019 single “Here Alive”, though, marks the take-off into a new era. Summer Crowd Stereo has completely transformed himself and his music. With its easy-going, atmospheric vibes “Here Alive” is a beautiful summer song – a perfect fit if you’re cruising over a highway with your window open.