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I’m MUKTI, a singer-songwriter from the west coast of Norway. I create and share music with the sole intention to bring people into a state of true freedom and align them with the essence of who they are. 
 My musical journey started with what I can best describe as an intervention from God. In a moment of despair a thought that would change everything entered my mind: “Maybe I can write a song?” 
With no prior experience with singing or songwriting, and only knowing the basics on the guitar, I went to the attic, dusted off an old children’s guitar and sat down with the intention to write a song. In that moment something burst open inside of me and I felt this enormous potential and life-force moving within my body. Out of nowhere and without any effort, lyrics and melodies started flowing through me, I could sing and my hands knew exactly how to move on the strings of the guitar. I couldn’t explain what was happening to me, I just knew in my heart: Music had brought me back to life! 
 My debut album “What I'm living for” is produced by grammy nominated songwriter and music producer Rick Chudacoff. All of my songs are created in a state of inner peace, where my part is to give space and be a vessel for the music that wants to come through me, as untouched and pure as possible. 
 I feel honoured and proud to share my songs with you. May the music touch the essence of your being and bring you into alignment with your true nature. 
 Photos: Jørn Olav Myhre