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Bobby Rozario - guitarist, a master improviser who is known to emulate the tonality of sitar and sarod to his steel body guitar. Known for his unmatched take on upbeat Indian Raga playing but also for his forays into Jazz, Fusion, Funk and other genres. His recent creation and album Rudra is an international group of musicians from New York, Africa, South India, brings a fusion of jazz, Indian Classical, Funk, Afro-Latin and South Indian (Carnatic) Rhythms. The group performs in a similar vein as to that of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Remember Shakti and Weather Report having their music be dramatic, with every member of the group showcasing mastery on their instrument. The group comprising of these master musicians create a synergy with their music that unifies and uplifts. The blending of these different elements of music and schools of rhythm with intense and groovy melodic lines emphasizing virtuosity and energy creating improvisational fireworks within jazz fusion music is an experience to the audience witnessing the music live. The interaction amongst the musicians of his band Rudra is unparalleled, and the immensity and scope of its wordless jubilation makes the music special. It is not surprising to see joyous participation of the crowd when the music hits orgasmic peaks. The members of the group have toured and performed with John McLaughlin (Remember Shakti), Dizzy Gillsepie, Dave Valentin, Hariharan and Zakir Hussain to name a few.