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Still Cross formed in late 2016 out of Whittier, CA. The lineup consists of Micah Lechuga (singer/guitarist), Justin Tapia (guitar), Oscar Huerta (bass), and Jeremiah Lechuga (drums). Although their music implements Christianity, Still Cross doesn't classify themselves as a Christian band. Their message more consists of morality with motivational and inspiring aspects. The goal with Still Cross is to give music a powerful meaning while also being valuable and encouraging to others - aiming to connect with others and change lives. Still Cross has been through lots of ups and downs over the years, but are confidently stable now with the members and continue to play shows opening for bands such as Stryper, Puddle of Mudd, Get Scared, Famous Last Words, and The Iron Maidens just to name a few. They set their focus and vision towards touring and reaching out to many with their intense, telling music.