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A little indie, more rock'n'roll and three chords. What seems to be few ingredients can be quite filling, as mixed on Johnny Batard's debut record 'What Do You Want Me To Say?' With Johnny Batard, the Kingsized 'Bastards bass player has finally found the right valve to pour his rascals into indie noise. He is the singer who is looking for love only to throw it away immediately.

An intensive week of recording can be heard on What Do You Want Me To Say?. The LP sounds as if made from one piece – rough, not unnecessarily polished and smoothed. One can hear the vintage instruments which aren't always 100% in tune, just as the reduced energy of Johnny Batard's songs. Being a friend of three chords and an edgy, reverb-laden sound, he knocks out some catchy tunes too. Indie-rock moments à la Strokes appear just like pledges of Velvet Underground or the solo work of Syd Barrett. All in all, catchy melodies are no rarity on this record, such as “I'm A Fact”. Order "What Do You Want Me To Say?" as Vinyl on Bandcamp: More Infos on Post Office Records: