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Stealing Humanity began many years ago as a solo project by vocalist and guitarist Connor Buckley. The sound of this project initially leaned towards a progressive/death metal sound, culminating with the release of a single ‘Awakening/Necropolis’ in 2018. However, over the years, the overall sound has shifted towards hard rock with some progressive and metal aspects intertwined, and at the same time, has expanded immensely to involve many guests in the writing process. The culmination of this shift is ‘The Rotting Garden,’ the debut album from Stealing Humanity to be released on August 21st. While the original intention of Stealing Humanity was to create a concept album with soaring progressive epics, ‘The Rotting Garden’ opts for more simplified tracks which focus on more personal topics and exist as overall better standalone pieces. The first single, ‘Eagle Eye,’ deals with technology knowing almost everything about us, and how total privacy is almost unattainable in our modern society; one of many ideas discussed on ‘The Rotting Garden’ pertaining to the unfortunate circumstances that are now present in almost all aspects of our lives. More will be discovered in time. ‘The Rotting Garden’ is out August 21st on all streaming platforms. Pre-save the album now to be the first to hear it upon its release and to check out the first singles.