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With the release of “Papillon” in 2013, Klaudia Gawlas chiseled her place among the top rungs of the Techno world. For nearly two decades the thoroughbred musician has been following her calling, headlining events around the world, trooping together fans and topping the lists of DJ polls. Life is and was about being happy for Klaudia and techno makes her happy. That is what counts. Upon her return to Germany she wanted to share her ever-growing record collection with the dance-floors and worked and honed her craft, after borrowing money to buy some record players. She paid her dues, practicing at the Open Turntables in Alcatraz, Landau and soon encountered open ears. She got her first bookings in Bavaria, her network started to grow organically, slowly, but steadily and then suddenly, there it was, her chance: She won a mixtape contest and played at the Ruhr in Love Raveline floor in 2008. Her career started to pick up steam. Bookings for Mayday, Time Warp, Nature One, Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Brazil, Argentinia followed and Klaudia kept on nurturing the ever-growing community of fans around the globe with every gig. She partnered with Eric Sneo, running the cult-label MOD together. Her LPs “Zeitgeist” (2013) and “Vision” (2016) in combination with her immortal single “Papillon” established her reputation as a producer. Klaudia keeps on giving it all for her music. The fans, the bookers and techno itself thank her for it!