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By the time Olivia Duhon moved to Tulsa during high school with her family, the native Cajun from southwest Louisiana had already decided to pursue a jazz career. G.K. Hizer recently stated in article regarding Olivia..."The young lady with striking features and a voice that can melt steel first appeared on the local music scene about six years ago, immediately winning the attention of Tulsa's jazz fans with her loyal translation of jazz and pop standards. Her reputation quickly spread beyond jazz circles, based on the sheer strength and beauty of her voice and a natural yet refined talent. What's truly impressive, beyond the strength of her voice, which turns heads of all generations, is her flexibility within the genre. Not only can she shift her performances to fit the audience or venue, but she can also identify with musicians of all ages. Olivia bridges the gap between the generations, a young artist with a mature soul and understanding of the genre. She is able to perform with musicians of all generations. Duhon's band alone represents a unity between multiple generations of Tulsa's most respected jazz musicians.