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For a band whose music so often celebrates the beauty in life’s most challenging moments, even Flawes have had their patience tested in 2020. The dynamic British pop trio started the year off well: by releasing their debut album ‘Highlights’. A string of singles had been laying the groundwork for 18 months and for JC, Huss and Freddie, 2020 was going to be something of a victory lap. However, like the rest of us, Flawes discovered that 2020 had some unexpected tricks up its sleeve. For Flawes, the answer ended up being the forth coming ‘Reverie’, a six-track EP packed with self-belief, euphoria and determination. 
 The band had hit the ground running in 2016, when their debut release ‘Don’t Wait For Me’ had unexpectedly ended up being a Radio 1 Record Of The Week, scaling the Spotify Viral Chart and ending up in heavy rotation on US TV, with Flawes slowly building a huge catalogue of tunes written in LA and London with the likes of FINNEAS (Billie Eilish) and Lostboy (Dua Lipa). ‘Highlights’ contained songs about love, heartbreak and what JC saw as a series of open letters to himself; specific enough to be meaningful to the band, but open-ended enough to resonate with the band’s swelling fanbase. 
 In 2020, embracing the rather imperfect limitations of lockdown has had a positive impact on the band. ‘Reverie’ showcases Flawes’ most extraordinary music yet: uplifting inventive pop that offers escapism as a welcome respite in a year when reality’s been a lot to handle.