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“Life is first boredom, then fear” writes Phillip Larkin. A witty, if glib line, which is nonetheless painfully resonant.
For me, the fear began in earnest when I was around 18. Having left school and begun studying law, I felt the twinge of a now familiar sense of longing. Longing for purpose, for understanding, for meaning. That’s largely what I write about.
I feel it’s important to note that I’ve no particular authority, nor wisdom, nor courage. I take comfort from that understanding. I think most people are like that, many of whom I admire a great deal, maybe everyone is like that, connected by our fundamental, inescapable naivety. That’s life - I think.
I feel as if I’m doing this wrong... truth is I’m not a huge fan of bios, they’re all a bit same-same, but then if every bio was a mess of pseudo-intellectual rambling like this one I’m not sure where we’d be as a species...
Oh you know what? I’ve just remembered these are supposed to be in written in 3rd person... oh well.
So, a bit more about me: my writing process is simultaneously very slow and very fast. I often suffer from weeks of ‘nothing’. Finally there will come a moment when the gears click together and a song is written and produced over the course of a day in my bedroom. I often say it can take months to write a song overnight.
To round this off I’d just like to thank you for listening, the songs are very cathartic for me and I hope they are for you also.


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