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The Freestyle Music scene took notice when singer Jenni Renee debut her first single “All Hooked Up” in 2019. Produced by the hitmaker Jay Alams, this record put Jenni Renee on the map to become a key figure in the Freestyle genre. But what makes Jenni Renee different than the others who came before her? Besides her obvious beauty and unique vocals, most agree that there is something special about this blue eyed songstress. Her authentic desire to connect with fans and DJs across the country opens up opportunities to get up close and personal and learn about this new artist on the rise. Currently managed by Manny Man Entertainment, Jenni Renee is scheduled to perform in some of the biggest Freestyle Shows in 2021. You will also hear Jenni Renee deliver a heartfelt duet with the King of Freestyle Stevie B on “It’s All Right”. Stevie B took notice of Jenni Renee and brought her on tour to perform their duet in front of thousands of Freestyle lovers. When you meet Jenni Renee or see her in an interview, you will see she is down to earth but reaching for the stars. Regarding new music, you can catch Jenni Renee singing with Jenaro of the group Pain with their rendition of “Scars” dropping everywhere Feb 26th on 418 Freestyle. Check out for future shows and new music!