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Combining the talents of acclaimed country forces of Miranda Lambert (Lone Star Annie), Ashley Monroe (Hippie Annie) and Angaleena Presley (Holler Annie), Pistol Annies deliver a high-spirited take on life the way real people live it. Songwriters/vocalists, the Annie collective allows the women the freedom to explore the genre (roots music) beyond their individual careers celebrating friendship, the rough patches and girl power. Having recorded with both the Chieftains and Jewel, their music has also been featured on The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond. They have released two albums, 2011’s gold-certified Hell on Heels, which produced the platinum single “Hell On Heels” and 2013’s Annie Up. Interstate Gospel (2018) is the third album from the iconoclastic keepers of a traditional country flame. And it’s not just the music, but the fact that Gospel unflinchingly attacks real life, worn at the seams realities country music used to be about speaks volumes to the truth the Annies are seeking.

Whether it’s the plucky “Got My Name Changed Back,” the adrift in what we’re supposed to want “Best Years of My Life,” or the throw down church sign redemption of the title track, the Annies are indomitable. High spirited, unflinching, throwing down a gauntlet that epitomizes modern women in their best and worst moments.