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Frank Fois is a Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter, based in Miami, he started playing guitar at 3 years old, and really soon at the age of 8 he started performing on the theatres and clubs of his country. Frank does his first recordings in the studio at 6 years old and during his life, he met some big artists of the Blues/Rock and Pop music, also jamming with them. 
 Very soon he started playing in the theaters of Sardinia, and throughout Italy. During the 2013 tour he performed in Australia, and in different European states, Germany, France, England, Italy. 
After moving to New York, he performed in the best clubs of Manhattan and Long Island as B.B. King’s Blues Club, Metropolitan and many others by also jamming with various well know musicians. In 2018 Frank brings his music in different States of America with the "Revolution Tour" in which he performed in Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles.