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SPOKEN WORDS ROCK! ::OT:: OBERER TOTPUNKT („TDC”, „Top dead center“) is the music project of Hamburg-based Singer-/Songwriter Bettina Bormann and Drummer/Composer Michael Krüger. They have released five Albums on the Wave-Gothic-Label Danse Macabre Records.

::OT:: perform live with Guitar, Theremin, Drums and Percussions as Duo or with live musicians. They made numerious remixes of Bands and are reguarly on tour throughout Germany and BAND BETTINA BORMANN (Lyrics, Vocals) MICHAEL KRÜGER (Composing, Bass, Drums, ) LIVE: Stefan Frost (Gitarre), Reaktor 4 (Performance) DISCOGRAPHY (Studio albums) 2008 10 GRAD VOR OT CD Brainsmash Records 2009 ERDE RUFT CD Danse Macabre 2010 STILLER ZOO CD Danse Macabre 2014 DESIDERAT CD Danse Macabre 2017 NEUROSEN BLÜHEN CD Danse Macabre 2021 #6 CD Danse MacabreSOME QUOTES „::OT:: (Top Dead Center) is one of the most dynamic and innovative Dark-Electro-Bands i know. It has so many impressive twists, many great atmospheric moments, haunting vocal job or speeches of Bettina Bormann, and a lot of rhytmic lines of Drummer and Composer Michael Krüger that constantly drill into the brains of the listener.” TV, Terra Relicta.com „The music of Oberer Totpunkt is bursting with varied compositions in the area of ​​tension between electro, EBM and bizarre rock. The madness of the present is shown precisely and sometimes angrily or coldly. : Peter Heymann, Sonic Seducer