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[English & Japanese Bio below] Risa Kumon is Singer, Songwriter, & Radio personality from Sasebo City, Nagasaki, Japan. Risa sings in a variety of genres but mainly specializes in/ Rnb / Jazz / pop and even Hip-Hop. She is a bilingual artist ( English-Japanese) who has an inspirational and transparent voice with a powerful message. She lost her eyesight after getting measles when she was a child. Luckily enough, she recovered her visual acuity. However, she had an intractable disease called retinitis pigmentosa as sequelae. Many of her fans say, 'I feel the power of her music without any worries or hesitation,' 'her voice is Healing, and positive.' She collaborated with many artist and has performed in some of the biggest events in Asia. Currently, She’s working on her forthcoming album while also hosting on R2 RADIO where she has interviewed artist such as Dj Jazzy Jeff, Brain McKnight, Corinne Bailey Rae, Maxi Priest, Terumasa Hino & more. Risa Kumon not only wants to challenge herself but also wants to inspire many people using her sweet voice and story to demonstrate that with hard work, love, and dedication, everything is possible. Read more at Risakumon.com 長崎県佐世保市出身のシンガー、ソングライター、ラジオホスト。透き通るような「声」と力強いメッセージでインスピレーション力のある英・日のバイリンガルアーティストである。 幼少の頃に麻疹によって一度失明し、その後、視力回復するが、後遺症として網膜色素変性症という難病を持ち、弱視ではあるが、単身アメリカへ音楽留学し、海外のカルチャーや言語、音楽を学び、現地の国際アーティストやプロデューサーらと音楽制作を経験する。 2013年パートナーであるROROの1stアルバム「Road To Success」に多数コラボ参加している。代表曲「Doesn’t mean I’m lost feat. RISA KUMON」