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Introduced to the Guitar at the age of 7 and the Piano aged 8, Jamie has spent decades training his natural ear for music, rhythm and pitch. His work touches many musical genres from Country, Jazz & Latin through to Pop, Folk & Classical. Starting his professional career in Jazz bands aged 20 gave him a solid grounding in the music business including the effort and determination it takes to make a regular income. Jamie has worked with many artists over the years, performing live and in session. He found his niche writing and arranging due to his natural ear for sound and near perfect pitch. He is a firm believer that music can generate feelings and emotions that simply cannot be put in to words. It is therefore the highest art form. Based in Gloucestershire he continues to write and arrange for other artists and bands. He is a dedicated and respected Tutor, teaching in a unique and enjoyable style. Jamie’s recent EP “Close Your Eyes” was released in June 2020. This EP was a challenge he set himself to write and record in one afternoon.