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Far from his native Paris, film composer and music producer "Monsieur Shwill" pursued his quest towards a "new breed of trip-hop" in South-East Asia, Poland and Spain where he restlessly developed his hybrid music signature: a subtle blend of beat-making, downtempo, songwriting and classical music. Influenced by Massive Attack, Portishead, Emancipator, Wax Tailor, Four Tet, Degiheugi and The Cinematic Orchestra, Monsieur Shwill received momentum with his debut EP in 2017, "Hangover in C Minor, Vol. 1", where he introduced his duality as a film composer and beat-maker. In 2019, he garnered support from the likes of HipCrave Magazine, Stereo Stickman, Novorama and Stepkid with his single Fuga. Later in 2020 with "Overflowing" and "We Hear", Monsieur Shwill reinforced his crossover brand of film music and trip-hop, layered with delicate strings, emotive vocals and chill beats. His "Cinematic Trip-hop" is often described as introspective, melancholic, ethereal, soothing and evocative. Monsieur Shwill first album is slated for release late 2020 includes vocal featurings of artists from around the world including Sol Escobar (Colombia), Maïtagari (France), Yasmeen Quintana (Spain), Edgar Sekloka (France) and Monica Mussungo (Portugal-Angola). "You can glean from the emotive vocals and instrumentals, the wounded tones, that it is a deeply introspective piece. It speaks of travels across time, darkly sensual experiences. It speaks of passion. And it speaks of life." - Neon Music