Keith Morris & the Crooked Numbers


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    Nowhere Road
  2. 2.
    American Reckoning
  3. 3.
    Like a Haze
  4. 4.
    Don't Look Down
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On the heels of a tumultuous week in America, Charlottesville singer/songwriter Keith Morris & The Crooked Numbers has released a new album American Reckoning.
The album explores Race in America - historically, up to present day, over a soundtrack that expertly weaves elements of Americana, blues, jazz, folk and rock.
Opening folk-rock track, "Entitled & Exploitative," kicks back at the Trump Administration's abject racism, and its reliance on misinformation, manipulation, gaslighting and scapegoating to marginalize and oppress. The blues/funk "Black Sheep" explores the long-term effects of injustice on a group of people. "Half Crow Jim" paints the picture of life in a small town during slavery, illustrating the ways community and institutions were intertwined and complicit in maintaining a system beyond moral justification. Closing track "Flutterer" was written by Morris’ friend, Colorado songwriter Jamie Smith (DangHead), and given a raw emotive life by Morris. “It’s about bringing a child into the world when you're an outsider to mainstream society...maybe even a conscientious objector of sorts. It’s about the struggle one faces to find authenticity and meaning in life, and then the challenges involved in holding onto it. Yet that individual struggle is what leads to positive change in a culture.”


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