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Honest and introspective, Naomi Sky's music transports you to a dreamy reality full of infinite possibilities. She enchants listeners by giving them a glimpse into her world🤍🦋 Her music focuses on accepting, releasing, and celebrating emotions. It’s her introverted side opening up to the outside world. A strong believer that the arts are healing to the soul, Naomi Sky loves the way music has allowed her to explore all the facets of herself. "We all play many different roles in life, and every unique role that we play, every part of us makes up the whole. Life is a combination of logic and magic", she says and her music reflects this. Her writing is deeply rooted in love, faith, loyalty, curiosity, self-exploration, and embracing the unknown. While it may not be clear why she is feeling an emotion the moment that she experiences it, she uses her emotions as a powerful tool to reflect and find the hidden meanings of life. She is planning to release a full album focused on vulnerability soon. It will be an inside look at Naomi Sky's blossoming Self Love journey.