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安田 寿之(やすだ としゆき、1973年3月28日 - )は日本の音楽家。元FPM。兵庫県宝塚市出身。ジャンルレスに活動する音楽家。The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)/旧MEGADOLLY代表。「Robo*brazileira」としてブラジル音楽を歌うなどユニークなソロ活動を主体に、TOWA TEISeñor CoconutClare & The ReasonsFernanda Takaiなど、内外・ジャンル問わず共作・共演。TV、CM、中野裕之監督映画、篠山紀信写真映像作品、桑原茂一コメディ作品、パフォーマンスなどへの音楽制作も多数。NHKドラマ10「これは経費で落ちません!」(2019)の音楽も話題になった。 社会変革の中、音楽家が社会の一員として自覚を持ちどう社会貢献できるのか考え実践することをライフワークとしている。 - An electronic music artist, composer, arranger and producer, resident in Tokyo, Japan. Ex-member of FPM. Representative of The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME) / ex-MEGADOLLY. Born in 1973. From Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. He has been producing unique conceptual albums such as “Brazilian music sung by a fictitious robot”, “all monophonic compilation” and “electronic covers of world's children's songs” as well as non-concept and singer-songwriter feel ones. He also collaborates with other artists such as Towa Tei, Señor Coconut, Clare and The Reasons, Fernanda Takai as well as writes for advertisements, films, performances and etc. In the era of social change, his lifework is to think and practice how musicians can contribute to society with awareness as a member of society.