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Syntonic stands for deep emotions and the complexity of a music that aims at surprising and captivating the listener again and again. The three musicians Rocco Harzbecker (guitar, vocals), Sandra Harzbecker (bass) and Christian Baakes (drums, percussion), who founded the band in 1999, approach this in ways that are anything but systematic and don’t think of themselves as a band that is or acts all too artsy. Stylistically, you could classify the band as belonging to the field of post-rock, although this can only be an attempt to describe Syntonic’s musical range, which moves freely among rock, electronica, independent, funk, etc. “Of course, we quote well-established patterns and make use of certain stylistics. But it has also been and is substantial to us to rely on our intuition and break new ground when making music.” With their much noted DEMO in 2003 and UMBRELLA – THE SINGLE in 2006, Syntonic has been able to win new fans both in and beyond NRW. The band’s debut album NEW OLD FILM was released in March 2012. In 2013, Syntonic was a support act for the band ASP at Markthalle Hamburg. The EP LIVE FROM 105 was released in 2015. The second album [mo-zey-ik] was recorded in September 2019 and released in October 2020.