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    Move Back - Ayok, Lingo
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    Rewind That - Ren Thomas
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    Beast Mode - Enels
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    Good Life
Born and raised in Boston, MA, to working class parents, Collotta (f.k.a Benji) discovered hip-hop at an early age when his older brother showed him The Sugarhill Gang 's "hit single "Rapper's Delight".
Instantly hooked, Collotta began writing lyrics of his own, influenced by the sounds of Rakim, The Notorious B.I.G., Beastie Boys, Gang Starr, Big L and countless others. He began playing drums in highs-school, developing a true passion for poetry and story telling. At a cross roads after graduation, Collotta chose to earn a B.A. in English, eventually becoming a Creative Writing teacher.
Never losing sight of his dream, Collotta moved to Los Angeles in 2014. It was only 6 months into his new journey that he booked a lead role in an Ascent Protein commercial as a rapper. He wrote most of the lyrics for the project and was able to showcase his style on screen. This opened Collotta's eyes to the acting industry, which he felt could lead to connections in the music world. Since 2015, Collotta has joined the SAG union, landing roles in numerous other projects.
Throughout the course of his career, Collotta has performed all over the U.S., promoting a solo tour across the country (2017) while selling mixtapes and merchandise out of his car. Having worked with artists such as New England power-house Slaine, Planet Asia, Pawz One, Sinical, Ren Thomas, Masta Ace, Collotta continues to perfect his craft and develop as an artist.


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