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Alles Club is a transatlantic beach-shoegaze-tropical-post-rock collective. The creative drive revolves around Mr Lopes who coordinate the work between the rainy town of Juiz de Fora (Minas Gerais, Brazil) and the icy mountain winds of Bern (Switzerland).  The project started when Lopes (former duplodeck) started to produce some material composed in 1999, which became the first release of Alles Club (the EP 1999). With Lopes and Nina Hübscher moving to Brazil in 2015, they recruited Fred Mendes (duplodeck) and Ruan Lustosa (Basement Tracks) for live concerts and recording of the band’s first long-play, Décollage (2018). The project increasingly took shape of a band, with Pedro BAAPZ and Stéphanie Fernandes (Papisa, Cinnamon Tapes) joining. A live version, Décollage (Live), followed. They release the album @Emballage (Independent, 2021), with post-rock/shoegaze versions of songs by Erik Satie, Cocteau Twins, Guns N' Roses, Suzanne Vega and Beach House. Alles Club’s tracks "are often labyrinthine in their guitar theatricality and possess a heart reinforced with the shoegaze echoes of bands like Slowdive and Ride (...) with the brass, electric guitars, bass and percussion rolling down your spine and fully integrating themselves into (...) some fairly unorthodox pop-centric foundations" (The Southern Sounding, 2018). Recommended for fans of melancholic daydreaming music with loud guitars, such as Mogwai, Slowdive, The Cure, Yo La Tengo, Clube da Esquina and Sigur Rós.