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Follow us. Be herd. Avant-Metal three-piece Bovine Nightmares continues to assault the good people of Bethlehem, PA and the Northeast with their warped vision of dark riffs, maniacal crooning and growling, and time signature mayhem. Erikk the Broken, Steampunk Munky, and The Mighty Tavros have carved out a unique little spot for themselves with a sound that's akin to the Melvins, Faith No More, and Tom Waits, all handcuffed to the same radiator. They've been blending experimental and familiar soundscapes and rejecting the boredom of formula and compromise since 2019. Proud to be from the Lehigh Valley Erikk the Broken - Vocals/Guitar/Keys Steampunk Munky - Bass The Mighty Tavros - Drums Nightmares in the Valley Volumes I - III (3 EPs) Now Available! Bovine Nightmares ABE Recordings Founded in 2019