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Training as a young orchestral viola player, Owen Denvir was drawn by the alternative sound of Bon Iver over Bach. These two styles of music influence his songwriting, which BBC Radio 5's Scott Mills has described as “Dreamy”. Owen's DIY production has totalled over 300,000 streams on Spotify and 2,000,000 views on videos across Facebook and Youtube, even drawing the attention of Coldplay on Twitter. Coupled with shows played alongside dodie, Rosie Carney, JC Stewart and Ryan McMullan as well as Irish TV appearances on BBC 1’s “Nolan Live”, ITV’s “UTV Life” and TV3’s “The 6 O’Clock Show” and major Irish radio playlisting, his music has stretched far beyond its quiet beginnings of his bedroom studio. Recently, Denvir has been releasing a trilogy of EPs: "Sticks", "Stones" and "Bones". These are themed around Sigmund Freud's theory of personality, where every person is defined by a balance of 3 individual parts. The first EP "Sticks" represents hesitancy and anxiety. The second EP "Stones" is a headstrong approach to life. The final EP "Bones" represents a healthy balance between the two. Lead singles from "Sticks" ("Ghost" & "Stay") topped the "RTE Radio One Recommends" playlist and were selected by Spotify for Irish curated playlists "An Alternative Eire" and "Irish Lads". Second EP "Stones" has had lead single "This Could Be Love" featured by Scott Mills and Chris Stark on BBC Radio 5 Live, Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales and Gemma Bradley on BBC Radio ATL Introducing.