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Tamar Stein and Maor Nawi are UNI-MA: a two headed vocal monster. UNI-MA’s sound combines elements of alternative pop, together with the rich and diverse tones of the Mediterranean. 
 Their tight vocal harmonies lay on beats made by chains, children’s toys, tin cans, voice samples and anything that can be infused into a beat. 
 “Music can be found inside everything - and this is what leads us. 
 The Israeli duo’s E.P has been masterfully produced by Ron Bakal, who (as he’s locally famous for) decorated each song in the album with unique lines and beats, influenced by the sounds of the Middle East. 
 “We want our music to spotlight a strong feminine voice, which we believe plays an essential role in the arena. we write from a place that invites deep personal reflection and challenges our inner relationship with the events in the outside world.” 
 UNI-MA’s shows can often be interactive. The dynamic pair engage the audience so they become part of the beat as well. 
 UNI-MA has performed all over Israel in local festivals as well as being selected to perform in “Sofar Sounds Tel Aviv”. The pair also became an audience favorite on the TV show “The Voice, Israel”.