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Hi!! Most of my music I’ve moved over to,Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, I-Heart Radio and other platforms. I’ve left two singles on Spotify so not to abandon them completely, please check out my album “Nothing To Lose” on other platforms. I just wanted to thank everyone who has dropped by to listen and for sharing my music also a huge shout out and thanks to those of you who have added my song to your favorite playlists. 
 Reigning from a small town in Georgia, Lloyd Carter found his passion for music at a young age. Brought up in a musical family, he was surrounded by an eclectic array of sounds.   With 30+ years of stories scribbled in a notebook, Lloyd had the privilege of recording his track “It’s Friday Night” with his good friend Colt Ford. A lover of traditional country music and all things romance, Lloyd has been busy working on his latest project – his newly released album called “Nothing to Lose,” which blends classic country style with some newer elements.   “My writing partners, Gary DiBenedetto and Henry McGill, and I have been in the music industry a number of years and have faced many battles. There’s a lot of heartache in the music business, but there’s also a lot of joy. This album encompasses both aspects.” Check all my updates and music on my website www.lloydcartermusic.com