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Bearoid is a project result of the experimentation, of the search of freedom. It’s a bedroom and train travelling project. Where reality is based on low lights, four walls and a bed, or landscapes at 200km/h surrounded by close strangers. Bearoid is my reflection, my avatar when it comes to explore harmonies and my disguise when I get on stage. It’s not a randomly selected name, I believe in the power of a nom de guerre and the power of totem animals that protect me from the real world. Bearoid is a character half way between bear and human, wild and conscious in equal measure. I write music with my laptop and I write lyrics that I sing on top. We could say that I make electronic pop, although the best way to locate it in the mental library is to have a listen. I like melodic electronic music you can dance to, I like soul, I like the music to daydream as much as the euphoric and explosive one. And I think you can see it reflected in what I build.