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My Name ist "Kein Pfand" aka. K1Pfand I'm a 20 year old Producer and self-taught Artist from Frankfurt, Germany. I have started my music-career quite young but only ever started recording, and producing in 2015. "K1PFAND" is about self expression, a lifestyle, the story of self discovery and rediscovery. Its about a time of your life where your torn between what is right and wrong, where you wanna head to and not having much, trying to live happy and expressing yourself. BEING YOUNG essentially. I started making rap instrumentals/beats but realized how huge and beautiful this music world is. I tried out producing different Genres and felt incredibly free. We are all just young people having fun with a Vision and a dream. It's all about the vibe the love, community and finding harmony. I am an artist, i work on acrylic painting and am the creative director of 2 L-Y-T. Which is a collective or Artist all closely connected working together. We try to include Art in all my Tracks and Album Covers such as the cinematography. We are creating a new Love culture. For messages that need to get out there Art is the beauty of creating something for the sake for creation. - K1PFAND Instagram : www.instagram.com/jonasnokri LOVE