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Peter Garnvik aspires to create music that tells a story, with captivating melody lines and gripping harmony progressions. With a fusion of cinematic, neoclassical, world, and New Age influences, the instrumental arrangements are rich and evolving. You may find yourself on a soulful journey through time, across cultures, secret gardens, beautiful vistas, and mystical landscapes. Peter also collaborated with Jayne Kelli and AJ Swearingen, on their 70’s Iconic Folk Rock show. This is where the symphony orchestra meets the singer-songwriter genre to create elevated arrangements and interpretations of classic songs from the 70’s era Peter has a love for the symphony orchestra, and its many “colors” allow him to express rare and vivified emotions in his compositions. Peter writes music for the Personal Development and Human Potential industry, song writers and music artists, Brain Entrainment programs, and any project that aims to inspire and uplift humanity. For more information, or to contact Peter Garnvik, visit