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Relentless energy, powerful lyrics and post-punk flourishes, Sputnik Sweetheart brings a well-needed hypnotic Alternative-Rock sound to the Australian Music Scene. Debuting in July 2019, the band has built a reputation for delivering hard hitting performances to sold out rooms across the country, backed by an impressive suite of recorded material. Since the release of their debut EP, Sputnik Sweetheart have nabbed slots at nationally acclaimed music festivals; Spilt Milk and Stonefest, and supported the likes of Ball Park Music, Joyce Manor, British India, Kingswood, and Spacey Jane. Despite facing widespread gig postponements and cancellations, Sputnik Sweetheart have been fearless in their national touring ambitions, selling out every performable date on the ‘Jealousy’ national tour. Not only have they used this time to refine their sonic and visual identity, but also channel these modern frustrations into intoxicatingly catchy tunes that transcend the uncertainty of current times. Sputnik Sweetheart continue to record and distil their sound until the country is ready again for them to unleash their wiry and driving passion upon the stages of the nation.