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The serene beauty of Mirabai Ceiba’s upcoming album The Quiet Hour is the perfect antidote for our turbulent times. Gently plucked strings and beckoning textures lead the listener on an inward journey of calm centeredness. Angelika Baumbach’s voice wells up like an undulating stream, blossoming forth with sublime poetry. The deep, loving bond between Baumbach and her musical life partner—multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Markus Sieber—is palpable, as their instruments and voices intertwine on Mirabai Ceiba’s most intimate and meditative album to date.

....What arises from this spare sonic palette are songs of rare fragility and expressiveness, such as the lead track, “She.” The song was written by Baumbach during a solitary mini-retreat. “I took a week off and I went on my own to a cabin just to have some space,” she says. “Because being with the family always is not easy, as a woman. I think it’s important for mothers to take creative space for ourselves. So I did that. As the week advanced, I came to a more quiet, transparent space within myself. In a time of pandemic isolation and uncertainty, The Quiet Hour shines like a beacon of hope and comfort. Guided by its serene cadences, we remember that solitude can be a source of strength, illumination and self-discovery. And by going within we find the connection to one another. - Alan Di Perna