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Tessia a Metal band hailing from areas around Bergen, Norway formed in 2016. Since its formation, the band's line-up has included Julie Dyrdal (Vocals), Dennis Pedersen (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Christer Nilsen (Lead Guitar), Matias Boge (Bass), and Stig Andrè Monsen (Drums) who left the band in 2018 being replaced by Daniel Waagen (Drums). They were born and raised in the areas surrounding Bergen, Norway. It’s one of the tougher landscapes of the country, blockaded by seven mountains on one side and meeting the unrelenting strength of The Atlantic Ocean on the other. The landscape has marked the members of the band. The members of Tessia stand their ground with an easy confidence. They’ve weathered storms, and wear their talent well. Their sound has been compared to: Lacuna Coil, Delain, Amaranthe, Devin Townsend, and Halestorm to mention a few.