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Hailing from Leicestershire, Queen Millz’s music is an expression of the many emotions she has experienced in life, with a fluid approach to her artistry that crosses multiple genres. Combining musical talent with natural confidence, she has already collaborated with the likes of Heavytrackerz (Stormzy, Meridian Dan) and TSB (Dave, J Hus), with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Queen Millz is always searching for something, but making this presentable to the widest possible audience. “I try and be real with it,” she insists. “I try and write from personal experiences. I want to be relatable but at the same time make a banger. So the females can relate, the men can jam to it.” She’s found her calling, and this incredible talent is building her audience, one fan at a time. “People need to believe in themselves,” she says. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because 10 people might hate you but another million might love you. I just keep going and going and pushing myself so I can prove that I can do it, so I can prove that since I believe in myself it doesn’t matter what you think.” It all goes back to fighting for her place – being pushed to the outside but aiming for the top. “When I first started with music it was Lil Millz, because I was little. But then I grew up into a woman, and my sound changed, my look changed, everything changed. I felt like a Queen.” Her majesty is ready to take the throne.