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MARY BRAIN don't play metal MARY BRAIN don't play rock MARY BRAIN don't play prog MARY BRAIN play METAROCK MARY BRAIN are the creators of METAROCK beyond metal beyond rock beyond prog there is METAROCK there are MARY BRAIN 
 - MATTEO VICENZI: vocals - ANDREA LA PICCIRELLA: guitars, backing vocals - NICOLA PALMA: bass - ANDREA FERRARI: drums & percussions 
 BIOCHRONOLOGY - 06/06/2006: Mary Brain born in Modena as a cover band - 2009: Mary brain release their first EP "Pay For Your Sins" - 2010: Mary Brain sign for Alkemist Fanatix Europe -2013: Mary Brain release their first full-length "Regression Of Human Existence", Maniac Demo of the month on Metal Maniac April 2013 - 2014: Mary Brain on "Annuario Do It Yourself del Metal Italiano 2014" by Rock Hard - 2015: Mary Brain on UMA Compilation 2015 - 06/06/2016: Mary Brain celebrate their 10th anniversary - 2017: Mary Brain sign with Valery Records - 28/09/2018: Mary Brain release their second full-length "Light After Dark" on Valery Records, distributed by Audioglobe