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@Iris Bleu is an indie pop-rock act from Helsinki Finland, that channels giddy aspirations of art cinema with the brutal emotional honesty of an old soul. The artistry of the singer-songwriter Iris rises from authencity of expression and the relentless rush of creating something new. Iris Mäkelä – vocals Matias Koskela – keyboard Heikki Kylkisalo – quitar Aarne Toivonen – drums Perttu Saarela – bass The first version of @Iris Bleu was started in November 2017 by Iris gathering a group of musicians to arrange and play her songs. She had a bursting need to make something out of her songs, and the musical direction started to take its form together with the band. @Iris Bleu started to play in live music clubs of Helsinki before they really had any official recordings. @Room And A Writer, 2020 Second single of @Iris Bleu @Room And A Writer was released 13.03.2020 with great excitement. Song is written & composed by Iris Mäkelä and arranged by @Iris Bleu. Single was recorded and mixed by Jouni Visala in Soundwell studio, Espoo, Finland, mastered by Minerva Pappi in Waudio, Helsinki, Finland and produced by Levypirtti, Finland. Change, 2019 Debyt single of Iris Bleu @Change was produced by Iris Bleu alone. @Change is written and composed by Iris Mäkelä, arranged by Iris Bleu and recorded and mixed by Aleksi Turunen at Pop & Jazz Conservatory Helsinki Finland. Musicians on the recording of @Change: Iris Mäkelä, Matias Koskela, Heikki Kylkisalo, Lauri Tuomas