Funhouse Mirrors


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    Fictional Friend
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    We Killed Rover
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    Venetian Lounge
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    (Another Day In) Ancap Paradise
We are Funhouse Mirrors, a progressive rock band from northern New Jersey. Our style of music blends complicated and oftentimes goofy prog rock stylings with heavy metal, math rock, and post-punk influences.
Our lineup consists of Johnny (vocals and guitar), Evan (vocals and drums), Dan (vocals and keys), and Chris (bass).
Funhouse Mirrors began in February of 2019, when Johnny, who wanted to try more experimental ideas than what would fit in his current band, contacted Evan about starting a new musical project. After a couple months of back and forth, they began meeting once a week on Saturdays. The next 3 months saw explosive productivity as the two wrote something near a dozen songs, and the new group became Johnny's main focus. In June, after their first show at the Waldwick School of Rock, Evan's longtime friend Dan joined the group. Together, the three continued writing and rehearsing heavily over the summer of 2019. They also spent their time looking for a bass player, auditioning several talented people who ultimately did not fit the group. In September, after months of searching, Chris reached out to Johnny with interest of joining. The others were very impressed with his high musical abilities, and he was a shoe-in for the role. The group debuted as a quartet on November 10, 2019, at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ. Since that day, the four have been working hard on writing and producing new material, and continue to enjoy everything about the process.


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